Ranger Rendezvous  41

November 7-11, 2018 | Holiday Inn University Plaza | Bowling Green, Kentucky 

Exploring New Depths


As ANPR moves its Ranger Rendezvous to the east after last year's wonderful event in Estes Park we trade the peaks of the Rockies to the massive underground network of caves at Mammoth Caves National Park. The phrase "from sea to summit" isn't even enough to capture this change as this network traverses the surrounding limestone to depths over 370 feet below the surface. For ANPR's many west coasters, this is a chance for you to soak in the unparalleled comfort we in the east call fall. With average temperatures this time of year in Bowling Green running in the mid 60's it should make for a temperate locale... and in the event I'm wrong, the temperature underground is isothermic at roughly 54° Fahrenheit (12° Celsius for those using metric). 

While we may focus on being on the doorstep of a national park which may have previously been out of reach of many, I also appreciate that the idea of spelunking isn't for everyone. Thankfully, Bowling Green doesn't let one down in this regard either. For the vehicle aficionados, Bowling Green is home to the National Corvette Museum, located just a short distance from the actual Corvette manufacturing plant. As many of you will be flying to the event you'll have the opportunity to experience Nashville's renowned music scene, which begins the moment you deplane and enter the terminal which almost always features live music. Once downtown famous sites including RCA's Studio B allow you stand to in the exact location Elvis recorded many of his records (there's an actual X on the ground). If you're a foodie, you can order what's possibly the greatest concoction the Southeast has to offer, Nashville hot chicken (coming from a New Yorker, it's a must have). For the students of American military history, Stones River National Battlefield is 45 minutes south of Nashville and Fort Donelson is 2 hours to the west of Bowling Green, both being major sites from the American Civil War.

If you're in the mood for a further jaunt, the Oak Ridge Site, part of the Manhattan Project offers tours through November in conjunction with the American Museum of Science and Energy. From there you're almost to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Dollywood

Hopefully this brief yet woefully incomplete overview initiates you to Bowling Green's surroundings. 

On behalf of ANPR, I hope you'll join us this November to visit this all in person.


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This year's Ranger Rendezvous will be held at the Holiday Inn University Plaza in Bowling Green, KY. A freshly renovated property that offers our group a plethora of conference space should us with everything we can ask of a venue. 


As part of this event a block code has been created allowing conference guests and exhibitors to receive a reduced rate of $109 + taxes using block code: PRG.

Please follow either link here to the booking site or call (270) 745-0088 or 1-800-HOLIDAY and again mention the block code: PRG

Looking to reduce lodging costs? 

If you're planning on attending Rendezvous let us help you with reducing your costs, check out the following page to post your contact information about room sharing. Rooms with 2 queen beds are available for the same $109 rate so this is a great way to lower your attendance cost!

Would you be interested in hosting a Supernaugh Scholar? Let us know that too! Making Rendezvous accessible to as many student and aspiring rangers is critically important so let's make a budget friendly event! 

Room Sharing Sheet


Flying into BNA and looking to share a ride to Bowling Green?

If you're looking for a ride to to/from Nashville's Airport to Bowling Green use the following form to coordinate your travel plans.

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Public Transit Options

If you're flying in to Nashville, take the Route 18 Bus from the airport from Downtown. This bus runs roughly every 45 minutes and costs $1.70. Once downtown Greyhound operates daily non-transfer service to Bowling Green for $11-$21 depending on the trip at  10:40AM, 2:10PM, and 6:45PM to Bowling Green, and returns to Nashville leaving at 8:20AM, 3:00PM, and 5:40PM. If people need picked up from the bus in Bowling Green, reach out to Chris Reinhardt at and he'll work on coordinating that.


This annual even would not be possible without the support of exhibitors and sponsors who provide ANPR with the funding and supplies necessary to craft a successful event. If you have interest in supporting this event as an exhibitor or sponsor we would be honored to have you. Please direct any questions to Chris Reinhardt at

ANPR’s membership is comprised of law enforcement rangers, educators, maintenance workers, interpreters, planners, and administrative professionals who are passionate about preserving and protecting our country’s incredible heritage and awe-inspiring landscapes. They range from field level employees to regional and national NPS directors. The Trade Show is an important part of our programming, as it provides an opportunity for members to learn about new equipment, technology, organizations, and services that can help them succeed in their careers.

ANPR expects to have roughly 120 participants at this conference. 

Previous exhibitors include but are not limited to:

  • Montreat College
  • Patrol Sunguard
  • VF Imagewear
  • National Parks Conservation Association
  • Colorado Northwestern Community College
  • Zanfel
  • McDonald & Woodward Publishing
  • Unicor
  • Motorola
  • Warner College of Natural Resources
  • Flare Alert
  • National Treasury Employees Union
  • L.N. Curtis & Sons
  • ACT Bioremediation Products
  • DOI Federal Credit Union
  • Adamson Police Products
  • Big City Mountaineers
  • GeoCorps America
  • Flow 397
  • BackCountry Horsemen of America
  • Rocky Mountain Conservancy
  • Northern Arizona University
  • The Supply Cache
  • National Park Service Park Medic Program
  • SPOT
  • Vanguard Emergency Management


Friday, November 9, 2018

Service Project – Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department

Time: 12:30-5pm

Cost: FREE!

We will work with the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department to cross reference data for one of their oldest cemeteries. We will walk through the cemetery and record data from grave sites to aid in data input to software that houses all of the current grave sites. In addition to collecting data, we will have the opportunity to clean veterans' gravestones, using a mild cleaning solution and bristle brushes. We'll carpool to the cemetery, leaving the hotel at 12:30 and returning by 5:00pm. Wear comfortable walking shoes, and dress for the weather.

Field Trip 1 - Mammoth Cave National Park

Time: 8am-2pm

Cost: $25 for transportation + additional, if interested in tour (participants will need to register on their own).

We will all travel together from the hotel to Mammoth Cave National Park via rental van (approximately 35-minute drive).

Tours are an additional cost, and those interested will need to register in advance via for a guaranteed spot. Note that reservations only become available 1 month ahead of the visit date. Anyone holding and IA-Access/Senior pass receives a 50% discount on all cave tours.

Tour information:

1 - Domes and Dripstones - moderate, 3/4 mile, 500 steps (280 at beginning), 2 hours. Capacity is 118. Cost = $15.

2 - Historic Tour - moderate, 2 miles, 440 steps, 2 hours. Capacity is 120. Cost = $14.

3 - Frozen Niagra - easy, 1/4 mile, 12 steps (with an additional 98 steps optional),

1 hour, 15 minutes. Capacity is 39. Cost = $13.

In addition to the tours, there is an exhibit area, Eastern National Bookstore, and Mammoth Cave Lodge and Gift Shop.

Van will depart at 8AMand return at approximately 2PM

Field Trip 2 - Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park 

Time: 8am-4pm

Cost: $25 for transportation + $3 for Lincoln Museum (to be paid on-site).

We will travel together from the hotel to the park via rental van (approximately 75- minute ride). We will watch the orientation film and go on a self-guided tour of the park. We will meet a ranger at the birth cabin for a brief talk. A special tour may be arranged, depending on staff availability.

After lunch, we'll travel 10 miles to the Boyhood Home Unit where we'll see the Symbolic Boyhood Home cabin as well as the early 20th Century Lincoln Tavern that LIBI is working on turning into a visitor center. Finally, we'll visit the Lincoln Museum which is located in downtown Hodgenville, right on the Square. The cost for the museum is $3. Participants will pay this fee upon arrival at the museum.

Van will depart at 8AM and return at approximately 4PM



Over a span of 10 years, between 2004 and 2014, it was estimated that the National Park Service aided in the search and rescue of more than 46,600 individuals. Yosemite statistics show that on average, the park responds to more than 250 emergency calls per year. In the Grand Canyon, more than 300 search and rescue events occur per year. These statistics do not include hiker assists, which can average more than 500 per year. Without the search and rescue efforts of highly trained rangers, it is estimated that approximately 1 in 5 persons would not survive the traumatic incident.

What can you do to assure these incidents continue to result in successful rescues and positive outcomes? Join the mission! 

Obtain your basic level SAR training on November 7th, 2018, at the 41st Annual Ranger Rendezvous!

Basic Search and Rescue is a standard training program for entry level NPS field employees (all divisions). All divisions support the NPS search and rescue (SAR) mission. The Basic Search and Rescue training is delivered through a combination of online (self-paced) and classroom instruction for maximum efficiency and standardization. The focus of this training is to assist park staff in safely and effectively performing as SAR team members; on a wide area search team, search area containment, litter team, or nontechnical rescue team. SAR training will be led by Mammoth Cave Rangers and will take place at the parks training center. Participants successfully completing the course will receive NPS certification in basic search and rescue as well as earning continuing education credits towards currently held EMS certifications.

Additionally, an advanced training in tracking during law enforcement incidents will be available, as a continuation to the Basic Search and Rescue training, on November 8th, 2018. Techniques will be taught through a combination of lectures and demonstrations. Participants will gain knowledge interpreting tracking signs, locating a lost track, and track cutting. Training location is weather dependent, TBD.

Both events are free. If interested in taking part, please check the appropriate boxes on the Rendezvous Registration.

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