International Ranger Federation's 8th World Ranger Congress

Estes Park, Colorado  USA

May 21-27, 2016 



The Association of National Park Rangers hosted the International Ranger Federation's World Ranger Congress in Estes Park, CO, May 21-27, 2016. More than 320 rangers from 71 countries attended the conference to share knowledge, learn new skills, create lasting partnerships, and be inspired by their colleagues.

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Twitter: @wrc8_usa

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What is the International Ranger Federation?

The International Ranger Federation (IRF) is a non-profit organization established to raise awareness of and support the critical work that the world’s park rangers do in conserving our natural and cultural heritage. Founded in 1992, the IRF has a membership of 63 ranger associations from 46 countries, on six of the seven continents. The role of the IRF is to empower rangers by supporting their national or state ranger organizations, or assisting in the establishment of local ranger associations in countries where they do not currently exist. For more information, visit:

What is the World Ranger Congress?

Every three years, the IRF brings together rangers from around the globe to renew their commitment to preserving and protecting the world's natural and cultural resources. These international gatherings provide rangers and protected area professionals the opportunity to learn new skills, share knowledge, create lasting partnerships, and be inspired by their colleagues. Delegates also learn how to increase public awareness about how these special places contribute to a healthy society and sustainable economies. The 8th World Ranger Congress in Estes Park, Colorado USA focused on the idea of connecting parks, rangers and communities. For more information, visit: 

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