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A great benefit you can gain as an ANPR member is participation in the mentoring program. Mentoring is a nurturing process in which a more skilled or more experienced person, serving as a role model, teaches, sponsors, encourages and counsels a less experienced person (protege) for the purpose of promoting the latter's professional and personal development.

This is an informal program with a flexible time commitment that is manageable for potential mentors. We estimate there will be about three to six informal calls; then the two individuals can determine the next steps for themselves. Mentoring is a wonderful way to build collegial and personal relationships for life.

The first step for a protege is filling out the application. Once the application has been submitted, the program facilitator(s) will attempt to match you with someone with similar interests or areas of expertise. This may take some time - a proper pairing is fundamental to the success of the program. Once a match is made the facilitator helps to establish communication between mentors and proteges. The facilitator also makes periodic reviews of the program's progress. Please consider joining this worthwhile program.

NOTE: You must be a current ANPR member to participate as a protege in this program.

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