The Thin Green Line - Documentary DVD

The Thin Green Line is a unique look at the work being done on a single day by a small dedicated band of men and women known as park rangers. This documentary is a story of those who everyday put their lives on the line to protect the natural world from a variety of threats that constantly pose danger, from poachers who pillage for personal gain and profit, to natural threats that need human intervention to prevent disaster.

Set against the backdrop of some of the world’s most beautiful and adventurous areas, the documentary is the story of the work and lives of Park Rangers in 50 amazing and exotic locations in 19 countries around the world, including the Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, United States, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Uganda, India and Australia.

The Thin Green Line is a compelling story of adventure, commitment and inspiration of devoted men and women who give their all, and sometimes their lives, for their love of nature, people and conservation. It is a story of coping with corruption, poor resourcing, politics and greed. It is a story where the heart of the park ranger is what allows them to continue day after day.

Packaged using recycled paper, non-toxic inks and recycled plastic.

PRICE: $25

To purchase, visit: The Thin Green Line Foundation


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