Ranger Magazine Advertising

Ranger magazine is the Association of National Park Rangers’ 28- to 36- page quarterly journal. It is written by and for professional park employees. Ranger is offered in print and electronically for a long shelf life (many members keep their copies for years). It includes content of particular interest to park professionals, including:

  • Feature stories for and about park initiatives, employees, and leaders
  • ANPR updates
  • Columns about administration, interpretation, protection and resource management issues
  • Book reviews that are of interest to park rangers and national park employees
  • Year-round information about the annual ANPR conference, Ranger Rendezvous and its supporting exhibitors and sponsors
  • Updates from the esteemed International Ranger Federation and about the World Ranger Conference and its supporting exhibitors and sponsors
  • Personal and professional news from ANPR members

2017 Ranger Deadlines:
Issue Artwork & Payment
Spring Jan. 20
Summer April 20
Fall July 20
Winter Nov. 1

Ranger Magazine Advertising Rates*

*ANPR members who are sole proprietors or advertiser “CEOs” save 20% on advertising 


Size in Inches

(width x height)


(rate per insertion)


(rate per insertion)


(rate per insertion)


(rate per insertion)

Full page

7.4375 x 9.625





3/4 page

7.4375 x 7.2187





1/2 page

7.4375 x 4.8125





1/4 page

7.4375 x 2.4062





2/3 page

7.4375 x 6.4166
4.875 x 9.625





1/3 page

7.4375 x 3.2083
2.3125 x 9.6255





The rate table reflects discounts for multiple-issue insertions. The rate quoted in each box is per insertion

The Association of National Park Rangers Advertising Policy

The publisher does not accept any advertising copy that promotes, recommends, describes or announces the availability of any insurance policy, travel arrangement or credit, debit or charge card or similar financial instrument or account, due to postal restrictions for nonprofits. The advertiser and/or agency agree to assume all responsibility for any claims arising from the advertising copy against the publisher. The publisher also reserves the right to reject any advertising copy for any reason determined by the editor.  


Camera-ready hard copy or digital files are accepted. The editor also can do minor typesetting and design. Digital files should be EPS, TIF or high-resolution JPG files, compatible with the Windows platform. (Other specifications: 150 line screen or 300 dpi.) The inside pages of Ranger are black + one spot color.  


Contracts are based on the number of insertions per issue in the contract year. A written (email) statement of intent on the advertiser’s letterhead is sufficient for a contract. Contracts should describe the number and size of insertions per issue, and the number of issues (up to four) for each insertion. The contract period shall start from the date of first issue and cover the number of issues for each insertion, but shall not exceed one year. Payment is due in full on the first artwork due date. 

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