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 Ever since its inception in 1977, a high priority of the Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR) has been to foster improved communications within the ranks of both rangers and the employees of the National Park Service in general. The Association therefore launched a newsletter on such matters. Over the course of the better part of five decades, more than 140 editions of the newsletter and magazine have been published.

Because these publications contain such a breadth of detailed information about all aspects of both the Association and the National Park Service, they provide an important historical asset for a period of almost 40 years – more than a third of the Service's existence and close to all of ANPR's lifetime.

Now, just in time for the Service's centennial, all these publications are available to members of the Association, NPS employees and the public as all past issues have been converted to PDF files and posted on the web at:

Click on any Ranger cover to open and access the contents of a given edition. You'll find the stories and history fascinating and learn something about the evolution of your association and the National Park Service.

- Bill Halainen, past editor of Ranger magazine

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