Statement from ANPR on the Continued Government Shutdown

The ongoing government shutdown is harmful for visitors and harmful for America's national parks. Visitors who planned holiday vacations won't be able to use National Park Service campgrounds or restrooms and won't be able to see the national treasures in park museums or visitor centers. In parks where some areas are still open, law enforcement rangers (on duty without pay) are stretched thin protecting animals, scenic landscapes, and historical landmarks. Besides the possibly permanent damage caused to parks, the shutdown also leaves hardworking rangers who would usually be maintaining park facilities, welcoming people in visitor centers, and researching park ecosystems laid off for the holidays.

So that national park rangers can provide visitors access and protect parks' natural and cultural resources, the Association of National Park Rangers encourages Congress and the president to fully fund government operations and send Park Rangers back to work as soon as possible.

-Jan Lemons, ANPR President