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Welcome to ANPR

ANPR is a nonprofit organization created for, about and with National Park Service employees of all disciplines. We are stewards for parks, visitors and each other. 


ANPR is the premier professional force working for comprehensive protective stewardship of the national parks.

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Updated Guidance on Non-Competitive Rehire Eligibility


Plan ahead to order extra copies of Ranger 

In an effort to use ANPR membership funds wisely, we try to print only the number of copies of Ranger magazine needed to serve members and a small number of additional recipients for legacy reasons. As a courtesy, our printer saves overrun copies at their warehouse for a limited period, in case someone requests a larger order of the magazine after it is printed. If we need to tap into the printer’s overrun supply, we are billed by the printer for both the magazines and shipping costs. ANPR passes on these costs to  the individual or entity that orders the extra copies.

The best way to ensure that you will be able to receive the quantity of magazine copies you need is to arrange for your bulk order with Chris Reinhardt at anprbusinessmanager@gmail.com in advance of printing.   

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